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All Levels Welcome

We have members that do everything from walking to marathons to Ironman competitions. Meet some of our devoted members and learn what they love most.


Over the past 5 years, Noah has worked his marathon time down from 4 hours 33 minutes to just 3 hours and 5 minutes! He’s run both the Boston and the Chicago marathons, as well as a couple handfuls of others.


Aaron has run over 112 half marathons! Plus many other shorter races and full marathons as well. Many of those half marathons have been run as a pacer, and he’s great at it!


Emily not only runs with us Striders, she also runs with a local women’s running group – She Runs This Town. They all share a mutual love of running and walking, as well as the comradery it brings.


After Sue needed new hips, she found that running just wasn’t for her anymore. Now she walks at events – and sometimes even racewalks at amazing paces. She also loves supporting the community she lives and race walks in – she’s one of the major sponsors for our Old Plank Sunset Half – thank you Sue!

Darrick, Andrew, Jerry, Nancy

On just about any weekend – year round – you can find this crew out running on the Ice Age Trail. They run anything from local road 5ks to trail 50ks and even up to 100 miles races! Whether on their own or with the Greenbush Trail Runners or other various trail groups, they’re always up for adventure.


Tim has many races of many kinds over the years, from 5ks to 100 milers. He’s also done many Triathlons, including Ironman… and also including as a myTeam Triumph Angel! There is no stopping Tim when it comes to finish a race OR helping others.


Carol is one of our busiest members – she runs road races of all types and lengths, as well as several multi-sport events each year. You name the event, she’s done it!


Kristy runs, bikes, and swims all over the country – including the Ironman Championship in Kona, Hawaii!


Currently stationed at Ft Knox, Phillip and his faithful companion Mr. Trent run all sorts of trail, road, and cani-cross events!


Most know her for running marathons these days, but Amber’s true love is obstacle course racing, and has done over a dozen Spartan races and Tough Mudders.